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Hillview Boys & Girls Club

Please note that the students of Hillview Middle School will be walking to Rancho Vista Elementary School cafeteria to receive after-school program services.
Registered Boys and Girls Club members are expected to arrive at Rancho Vista Boys & Girls Club Site as soon as their class is let out, no later than ten minutes of school releasing. If your child requires accommodations from Hillview to Rancho Vista, please contact our offices at 661-267-2582 to make arrangements.

It is the students responsibility to arrive at the Club (Rancho Vista) on-time, without interruption. To ensure student safety, multiple late arrivals may result in the removal from program. Students registered for the Club are expected to attend every day specified on their registration form. Please notify Club staff if  your child will be absent from the Club. Please keep us updated if your child’s daily release times are changed due to after-school activities so that we are aware of their anticipated arrival.
The Boys and Girls Club Program will operate as usual on the Rancho Vista campus. Parents are expected to pick-up their children from Rancho Vista Elementary Boys & Girls Club no later than 6:00pm. All program rules and expectations will apply as usual.

Afterschool Enrichment Program: Youth will spend the first hour of program in Power Hour- A program for Club members that helps students achieve Academic Success by providing homework help, tutoring and high-yield learning activities and by encouraging members to become self-directed learners. Snack provided.

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