The Keystone Career & Internship Program

The Keystone Career 
& Internship Program 

The Keystone Career & Internship Program (K-CIP) is an advanced leadership experience program for teens ages 14 to 17, providing impact in Academic Success, Career Preparation, and Community Service & Teen Outreach. In addition, teens develop personal skills related to employment responsibilities in work situations, workplace behavior, and they will have an opportunity to gain actual work experience.

Through the Keystone Career 
& Internship Program teens:
  • Build Character & Develop Leadership Skills
  • Explore Career Opportunities
  • Learn Money Management Skills
  • Receive Employment Training around workplace situations (conflict resolution, customer service, interviewing skills, dress code)
  • Go on Field Trips to Colleges/Workplaces (Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Colleges, Corporate Businesses)
  • Visit Colleges for Campus Tours
  • Become Positive Influences for our Members & Community
  • Make New Friends and Build Positive Relationships
  • Families Pay No Monthly Fees
  • Have Fun and Meet New People
  • Be placed in an internship or position with a local business
  • Earn Volunteer Certificate for employment/college applications
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